How To: Run a three-legged race

Run a three-legged race

Learn the tricks to running a three-legged race – without ending up flat on your face!
Step 1
Look for someone who is close to your height with a similar leg length.

If you're right-handed, choose a left-handed partner and vice versa, so you can both utilize your stronger side.

Step 2
Stand with your partner and face the same direction with your legs touching.

Step 3
Tie the rope or cloth securely around the touching ankles.

If your partner has an opposite dominant side than you, tie your non-dominant legs together.

Step 4
Put your arm around your partner's waist, and have your partner do the same.

Step 5
Put your untied leg behind to start the race.

Step 6
Run, keeping your legs in sync.

Step 7
Cross the finish line and collect your prize!

Fact: The largest three-legged race had 80 participating pairs.

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